About MHA

Who We Are

The Melungeon Heritage Association is a non-profit organization documenting and preserving the history and cultural legacy of mixed ancestry peoples of the southern and eastern United States.

While our focus will be on Melungeon heritage, we firmly believe in the dignity of all mixed ancestry groups and commit to preserving this heritage of ethnic harmony, inclusivity, and diversity. MHA does not endorse any particular theory of origin or the work of individual researchers.

Annual Melungeon Unions bringing together researchers and descendants are central to MHA’s mission but are not the only activities we sponsor. All who support the work of MHA, whether identifying as mixed ancestry or not, are invited to participate in the work and goals of MHA as well as the gatherings and events. As we celebrate our past, we also seek to understand its impact on our lives today and help others to do the same.

Melungeon heritage

Additional Info:

For further information about MHA, write to mhainc2000@melungeon.org; we cannot answer genealogical research queries. A membership form that can be printed, mailed, or emailed is available on this website. The mailing address and email address to which it can be sent are included on the form. If you wish to pay dues by Paypal, there is a buy now button on the membership application.


We want to thank all of those who donate to MHA!

Without your support, we cannot continue researching, educating, and archiving information concerning Melungeons and other mixed ancestry or associated peoples. All donations are tax-deductible. MHA is a federally recognized 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization. Thank you for any amounts you contribute to MHA. Do not think your contribution would be too small to be appreciated. All donations, no matter the amount you can afford, are appreciated.


Melungeon Heritage Association Sponsors and Grantees:

Appalachian Community Fund: General Fund Grant recipient: 2021, 2022, and 2023 https://appalachiancommunityfund.org/

South Arts: In These Mountains Grant recipient: 2023 https://www.southarts.org/

The Board of Directors of MHA:

  • Heather Andolina (NC, President),
  • Kathy Lyday (NC, Vice President),
  • Stephanie Musick (VA, Secretary),
  • Sherman Collins (OH, Treasurer),
  • Angela Evans (TN, Registrar),
  • Scott Withrow (SC, President Emeritus)

MHA Consultants Include

  • S.J. Arthur (KY),
  • Eddie Manuel (VA),
  • Dr. Terry Mullins (VA),
  • Mary Lee Sweet (FL),
  • Rose Trent (TN),
  • Lisa Alther (TN),
  • Beverly Scarlett (NC),
  • Danielle Caudell (KY),
  • Lauren Magnaussen (VA),
  • Tonya Beatty (NC),
  • Brennan McDaniels (TN),
  • Dr. Melissa Carver, (KY)
  • Lonna Dickerson (IL),
  • Julie Williams Dixon (NC),
  • Marvin T. Jones (DC),
  • Dr. Arwin Smallwood (NC), and
  • Wayne Winkler (TN).